Henry Ashu

Certified AWS Solution Architect/DBA

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Certified, tech-focused AWS Solution Architect/Cloud Infrastructure Specialist with over 7 years of experience, with skills including developing, designing and deploying custom security architecture while ensuring maximum cloud data protection, including experience in different areas of Amazon Web Services, like security services, compute, storage, access management, network and cost optimization. A team player, fast learner, detail oriented, and good communication skills.

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Skills and Tools

AWS Services: AWS Systems Manager, S3, VPC, EC2, Trusted Advisor, SNS, SQS, SES, CloudWatch, ELB, RDS, Route53 & CloudFront; AWS Auto Scaling; AWS CloudFormation; AWS Lambda.
Networking: Basic Network Configuration and Troubleshooting Network Connectivity, Subnetting, Firewall, Switches and Routing, DNS
Image & Patch: AWS Golden AMI Pipeline, AWS SSM Patch Manager
AWS Iaac Services: AWS Code Pipeline, AWS Code Build, AWS Code Commit and AWS Code Deploy.
Governance and Compliance: AWS Organization, AWS License Manager, AWS Config Rules, AWS Control Tower, AWS Well Architected Tool, AWS Trusted Advisor, AWS Budgets.
Self Service: Service Catalog.
Data Protection: AWS KMS, AWS Certificate Manager, Snapshot Lifecycle Manager, AWS Cloud HSM
Identity and Access Management: AWS AD Connector, AWS IAM, AWS Organization, Active Directory, AWS Workspaces, AWS Secrets Manager, AWS KMS.
Programming languages: Bash, JSON, Python, PowerShell, CLI, YML
Monitoring & event management: Amazon Detective, AWS CloudWatch (events & logs), AWS SNS, AWS S3, AWS Trusted Advisor, AWS CloudTrail.
Network: AWS VPC, AWS IGW, AWS VGW, Lambda, Load Balancer, AWS TGW, AWS CGW, AWS NGW, Route 53, CloudFront.
AWS Security: AWS Inspector, Guard Duty, Security Hub, AWS Shield, Firewall Manager.


  • AWS Solution Architect [Walmart]
    Jun 21, 2019 - Present

     Partnered with application development to identify best of breed software and hardware solutions that can be implemented on time and meet enterprise performance, security, disaster recovery, governance, and support requirements
     Maintained a high level of industry knowledge to recognize solutions that simplified deployment, and improved agility to cost-effectively accelerate application delivery.
     Developed strategies that improved the organization's ability to leverage best of breed cloud solutions.
     Designed, both technically compliant and secure Cloud solutions, as well as value-based, on-demand services to facilitate the effective transition and migration of projects and programs into unique and adaptive cloud environment.
     Build and maintained relationships with key technology partners and the tech community.
     Identified, evaluated, and presented technologies and services that accelerated app delivery to the business, improved operational efficiencies, and leveraged cloud solutions to address shadow IT challenges.
     Created and executed strategies to build mindshare and broad use of AWS within a wide range of customers and partners.
     Partnered with the service providers to ensure that infrastructure and architecture standards are well defined, documented, implemented, and maintained.
     Provided consulting focused on developing and implementing business solutions based on the latest technology in cloud services, virtual server platforms, unified computing and enterprise storage systems.
     Created additional targeted business solutions in high demand areas for disaster recovery and cloud backup to provide customers with cost-effective, off-site solutions to meet regulatory compliance requirements.
     Engineered, managed customer engagements and deployment of unified computing, storage, server, and virtual infrastructure technologies to meet customer business application compute and storage requirements.
     Increased performance and scalability, and reduced total cost of ownership by sizing solutions to meet system workload requirements.
     Successfully migrated customers to the latest virtual server and storage technologies to improve performance, provide highly available systems, the lower total cost of ownership, and increased scalability and manageability.
     Assisted with new hardware and software deployments, and virtual environment and system upgrades and performance enhancements.